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The Positive Effects of Family Vacations on Child Development

The Positive Effects of Family Vacations on Child Development

Taking a vacation together as a whole family makes children happier and healthier. That's because the benefits last long after the plane or car ride home. Families should try to set aside time at least once a year when they can get away. It's a chance to get to know one another, make memories, relax and have fun. Here are some of the positive affects family vacations have on child development.

They'll Grow Up Happier

Children who go on vacations grow up happier for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they feel the love that bonds the family. Spending time with parents away from the stresses of the world makes a child see just how joyous life can be. Making memories together is more lasting than buying toys, so put money toward vacations instead. You might even end up saving money, especially when you look for seasonal discounts and promotions. When a child gets a new toy, chances are they'll only play with it for a few weeks before becoming bored. The memories of a vacation last a lifetime. They are something a child can look back and reflect on whenever they're feeling sad or scared.

Traveling Encourages Beneficial Brain Development

There are so many new things that can be learned while on a family vacation. By integrating new experiences, vacations can become quite educational. There are all sorts of museums, zoos and shows that children can see. It's a chance for them to try new things, learn new skills in a fun environment and get an education without ever realizing they're acquiring one. If you have a vacation outdoors, your child can learn about the wonders of nature. Traveling to an exotic place will help your child learn about that culture. A different country will have new animals, architecture, food and customs to discover.

Vacations Together Build Stronger Family Ties

When you travel as a family, you create stronger bonds. That's because you're away from work, electronics and school. The family finally has time together to really open and up and talk to one another. Children often fight when they're home with their siblings. When they're on vacation, that fighting tends to subside. It's a great opportunity for the kids to hang out together, have an adventure and grow closer. 

A family vacation doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to be fun and educational. Sometimes, a road trip to a new city is all it takes. As long as the family is together making memories, that's what matters. The positive effects will last a lifetime.

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