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Why Offline Family Time Is Best

Why Offline Family Time Is Best

Family time once included playing board games on a Saturday night and spending time walking and running outside. With the proliferation of TV and phone screens, the frequency of these types of family activities has decreased dramatically and with terrible consequences. While your kids’ future job prospects include technology skills, they also include other attributes that don’t get as much play in our modern world. The people who stand the best chance in the future will combine screen and personal skills. Here’s how you can help your kids in this regard and why you should.

Prevents Screen Addiction

We live in a media-driven culture, which has created screen addiction in some people, including kids. It’s a serious problem. Screen addiction can put children in danger later in life, especially when they learn how to drive. Statistics show that screen-addicted drivers only pay attention to the road a little over 70% of the time. Spending time with your kids minus phone screens develops deeper bonds with them and lessens their likelihood of developing a dangerous screen addiction later on.

Teaches Children to Use Their Imagination

It was none other than Albert Einstein who proclaimed the importance of imagination. He ranked the ability to imagine purple dragons and flying carpets higher than he ranked intelligence. That should give us a clue about how important imagination is. Too much screen time robs kids of the opportunity to develop their imagination. Doing creative activities with family members develops problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Less screen time and more time with family and friends also teaches kids how to interact with others, a skill that they’ll need once they join the job force.

Encourages Kids to Spend Time Outside

Playing outside has significant mental health benefits. It also reduces the amount of stress a person feels, helps to develop concentration and plays a role in the development of self-esteem. By playing outside with your kids, you reduce their risk of developing self-esteem and mental health issues. As a byproduct of this, you give them additional reasons to put their phones down and pay attention to what is going on around them.

Screen addiction has become a real problem today. With the proliferation of 24-hour cable, video games, and smartphones, kids are among the most addicted. You can alleviate this issue by limiting your kids’ screen time. In the process, you’ll develop strong ties between yourself and your children, which will benefit them significantly in the long run.

Reading with your children is a great screen-free way to spend time with them. Make a personalized story for them today!