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Why Stories Matter

Why Stories Matter

There is something that you, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Rosa Parks and your great-great-great-great-grandfather all have in common: A story. You and me, our families, our children, our communities. We are all participating and writing our own stories.  

Your child's story began long before they were even born.  And even now as they are young, they are forging their way as the leading character. They are facing challenges that teach them about themselves and about their world. They are learning that when they fall, they can get back up. They are learning to have an opinion, and can see how they affect those around them. These are all key components of every narrative. 

And that's not even the most exciting part. You have the privilege of watching your own child's story unfold right before your eyes! And you are the one to capture the moments that piece their journey together, that make it uniquely theirs.  

How did they make their grand entrance? What makes them smile? What about their first taste of baby food? How do they express their frustration? Do they dance to music? What do they fear? What do they see in the clouds? What do they want to be someday? How do they respond to hurt feelings? Have they pulled a prank on you? How are they like their dad? These are things that, when retold, will help a child know who they are and how they came to be that way.  

We want to help tell your children's stories in a way that is easy for you, so you can be an active and involved role. We will help by piecing together these precious moments in a way that is creative and meaningful.  

Give your children the gift of their memories. Their stories matter. 

Cara, for storieChild