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When We Think of Color Book Image for Toddlers

Behind the Scenes: When We Think of Color

Sometimes it's nice getting to be in charge of what products we decide to make. I was so excited about the idea for When We Think of Color for both storieChild and for me personally.

On the personal side, I'm an Aunt to four children, two of whom two and under. My primary concern is ensuring that they remember me from visit to visit, learn my name and decide that I'm their favorite Aunt. #totallysefish :).

You see, there are three girls in my family, but my oldest sister is the only one with children so far. So my youngest sister and I have an extremely friendly rivalry going as to who will be the favorite Aunt. She’s an organic farmer and so has tons of fun things for them to do when they come to visit, I’ve got to compete anyway I can. Lol

Of course, the kids are the beneficiaries of this ongoing joke as we look for ways to one-up each other. So when our team came up with the idea for this book, I was stoked! #AuntElizabethwins.... at least for today. :)

When We Think of Color is an amazing way for my little nieces to learn their colors, while they learn to identify various family members faces.

Every page uses the same format, so the repetition helps the child learn. Here’s an example: “When Aunt Elizabeth thinks of the color brown, she thinks of your beautiful big brown eyes and she can’t wait to see you again soon.”

Then the color yellow might be: “When Daddy thinks of yellow, he thinks of how bright the sun shown the morning you were born, and how your smile shines even brighter!”

The great part about how we’ve laid out the text is that the second part of that sentence is a fill in the blank, so it’s all up to you how you want to answer the question. You can always borrow ideas from the sample books on our website, or make up anything that comes to mind.

Each page also has a photo spot. So I can put a photo of me with my niece on the page about Brown, etc.

Overall, I love the book as a way to connect families across distances and to help children learn. Our product page articulates all the great things kids can learn, but I wanted to tell you the ways I like to use this book. #AuntWarsAreOn : )