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Team "Family"

Team "Family"

A few months ago, my husband and I visited some family friends (the Fredericks) for a long weekend without our kiddos. A much needed break. They treated us out on the town for an amazing dinner, and as we were entering the parking garage to head home, we chose to take the stairs as opposed to the elevator. (That’s how we justified our dessert!) As soon as we started to climb the stairs, the youngest of their children took off, running full speed up the stairs in a sprint!

I yelled, “Oh, game on! I am totally going to beat you.”

She yelled back, “No you won’t, cuz I’m on Team Frederick!”

And she was right.  She undeniably beat me to the top.  

I asked my friends daughter what she meant by “Team Frederick.” She explained how her parents would yell “Remember who you are--you’re on Team Frederick” every time she would leave the house, or when they’d drop her off. She further explained how she and all of her siblings were raised to know exactly what it meant to be a Frederick. Being a very athletic family, it meant working hard and giving your best no matter what you’re doing.  It meant not being afraid to be true to who you are, and that not fitting "in the box" is a cool thing.  It meant loving others well.  And most importantly, it meant that they belonged--they were part of a family who loved them no matter what.  

This was something I wanted to do for my own family.  We all sat down together and came up with three words that described who we are as our own unique team.  We have already started teaching our two year olds these words, and have taught them to chant for our "home team" often, especially when we leave the house or drop them off somewhere. I am hopeful that as they grow up, this sense of belonging will stick no matter where they are or who they are with.

What is your family’s team name and what three words would you choose to describe what it means to be a part of it?