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Introducing a new Blogger on Reading!

Introducing a new Blogger on Reading!

“In the great, green room - there was a telephone and a red balloon; And a picture of the cow jumping over the moon.”  ~  Goodnight Moon

It has been well over 15 years or more since I have read those words to a little one sitting on my lap.  But, as if it were only yesterday, the words come clearly to my mind.  It seems like a perfect picture of how powerful words are, or, to be more exact, how powerful reading is.

Hello friends!  I’m Nicole Chaplain. Married 25 years to my high school sweetheart.  Mom of two, lovely daughters, one a college junior and one a high school junior.  Both the center of my heart.  A Third grade teacher who adores all things learning.  Cheer coach.  Regular church attendee.  Lover of exercise, healthy food, adventures with family, and reading.  

Oh – did I mention that I love reading?  Reading allows me to escape to other places.  Reading is the building block of all intelligence.  It is the true backbone to building understanding in all areas.  Like I tell my sweet, third grade students daily: reading is the bridge to new worlds.  It really is!  And Frederick Douglas said it even better: “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”  I invite you to begin a new journey into the world of sharing all about Literacy and Reading.  

It is my joy to meet you.  And it will be my joy to share all good things about the love of Literacy and Reading.  For me, it sure is a big one!

Until next time, some food for thought ~

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world.
Love of books is the best of all.”  ~ Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Giddy over Girlfriends

Giddy over Girlfriends

When she walked in, the instant connection I felt was undeniable. It was like I was sharing an energy field with this girl...like maybe our mothers gave birth to us at the same time at the same hospital thirty some years ago and we have been long lost friend-twins ever since.  When she walked in I got this feeling like it was my honor to be in this person’s presence.

We had both been hired to lead a Mother’s retreat. She and her mother were the speakers and I was leading music. We had been e-mailing and planning for weeks, and although I thought she seemed kind and someone I would enjoy from her e-mails, you can only learn so much about someone from a computer screen. But looking someone in the eye and feeling someone’s presence when they walk in the room is a completely different ballgame.

The old me would have put up a wall and fled at the fear of being the one totally geeked about making a new friend (especially fearful of her not feeling the same vibe). Then I thought to myself, “Self!  You are 30-somethin’ years old and it’s about time you stop worrying what other people might think!”

So I acted like a giddy little girl back in grade school having just found her best friend.  I tried to sit by her at lunch whenever I could. And dinner too. I studied her words when she spoke because I wanted to know what she really cared about. I admired her crazy gorgeous hair, and her calming sense of style.  And I felt super special when she reciprocated the interest.

And here’s what I realized: do we ever outgrow our excitement over finding a friend who just might “get us?” Or the newness of friendship? How about our NEED for friendship, especially as moms? If there was ever a time to need other women and to have life-giving friendships, it is now. When we are fighting for balance between mother and wife and worker and friend and daughter. When we are exhausted, overjoyed, terrified, unsure--more now than we ever have been before.

Just because you are an adult, you have kids, you are super tired, you forget to brush your teeth sometimes (hey it happens!) doesn’t mean that you don’t have the need, energy, and ability to make a new friend.  And who knows--they might just be the friend you’ve been waiting for since you were born.