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We have an amazing team here at storieChild, and we are looking to add the right group of people to our team!

Our team is headquartered in Nashville, TN, but we all work virtually. With a team 15-strong from all over the U.S., we're interested in adding people to our team who want to build a career with storieChild... whether that's part-time or full time. We believe all careers matter.


Like our idea?

Consider joining our team as either an intern or a staff member. All roles are part-time and usually flexible. Roles start for as little as 5-10 hours a week, and staff roles are equity compensated. 

Have a question we didn't get to? Send us an email (info@storieChild.com) or reach out to us through social media (links below).



storieChild is seeking undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate virtual interns for our Marketing division. Internships can be tailor-made for specific emphasis, including social media marketing, branding and copywriting, public relations coordinators.  All interns will receive training, one-on-one guidance from team leaders, and will work independently and in tandem with team leaders and brand staff in bringing a new company into fruition. 

While this is currently an unpaid opportunity, the virtual internship program is designed to offer hands-on experience, mentoring, academic enrichment, real-world training to ready participants for entry into the workplace. Additionally, storieChild is committed to working with key individuals who express interest in creating long-terms positions beginning under an equity compensation model. Interested? Email info@storiechild.com. 

Staff Positions

Authors & Illustrators: We need contributing children's books authors and illustrators who can help us continue to develop creative content for our users. Our most significant need is for illustrators. 

Graphic Designers: We are looking for 1-2 graphic designers who are experienced in web and/or print. We want people who are passionate about their craft and want to use those passions to help us fulfill our mission of making creative and interesting storytelling tools. 

Marketing: We are looking for several staff members to fulfill the following needs:

  • Social Media: Seeking social media-savvy people able to create posts and updates with regularity, research blogs, think outside the box. Familiarity with some or all: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and analytics for the aforementioned is a plus.
  • Copy editors: Create fresh, on-brand content and copy for website, direct mailings, and printed literature. Keen eye for detail, editing, and streamlining information. Great writers and thinkers.
  • Marketing/PR: Crafting Press Releases, reaching out to traditional news outlets, researching events, following leads, liaison between reports and PR and the team. Great communicators. 

Compensation Model

We are bootstrapping the launch of storieChild, and are currently early stage revenue. As a result, all compensation at this time is in the form of equity. Most of our team members have full-time jobs and then work with us 10-20 hours a week. Once we've determined that you are a good fit for our team, we will together draft a job description that will serve as part of the legal document that ensures your compensation. A certain number of shares will be awarded to you over time, based on your role. Contact us if you have any additional questions. 

Email us at info@storieChild.com if you are interested in any of our available positions.