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We're inviting you to become a storieChild Brand Fan!

We are so grateful you are considering becoming involved with the storieChild movement! Our desire for storieChild is that it becomes a tool to enhances the lives of children and the individuals who love them the most. As a result, we want to involve family and friends of children everywhere to be "Brand Fans!"  This includes moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and "adopted" family.

Here’s how it works.

Encourage individuals you know or people in your community to learn about storieChild and order their books today! Give them a unique link that will track their purchase and give you credit for it. 

We'll add you to our Facebook group and give you resources along the way to help you share the storieChild story. There's no time commitment, and you earn free product while you do it. 

Every dollar that you get in orders before the end of 2015 will equal 1 point. ($1=1 point.) 

  • 150 Point Tier- Free Paperback book

  • 300 Point Tier- Free Hardback Book

  • 500 point Tier-Free High End Book

  • 750 Point Tier-Free Hardback Book and Handmade Keepsake Box

  • Receive 200 points for recruiting another Brand Fan

*Points are credited to account after the individual signs-up and generates $20 in sales. 

And what’s more, as the fall progresses, keep an eye out on Facebook or in your inbox for 2x and 3x point opportunities!

Join our Brand Fan Team.  We need your help to spread the word!

Or join our Staff. 

We are also always looking to add new people to our staff.  We have a team of 20  people who are located all over the U.S. and work anywhere from 5 hours a week to 30 hours a week, depending on the role. All roles are equity compensated.  Click the jobs link  to learn about open positions.