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Q: How are storieChild books different from photo books?

A: storieChild books are personalized photo-storybooks. In addition to photos, your book has a story about your child AND beautiful illustrations. Plus, our graphic designers have already arranged everything for you. So instead of spending hours uploading, rearranging, and captioning photos on a photo book site, you spend 20 minutes making a book that shows more of who your child is.

Q: What makes a storieChild book personalized?

A: Unlike other “personalized” books, we don't just insert your child's name into a generic story. With fill-in-the-blank sentences, optional pages, open-ended questions, and space for photos, we help YOU tell the story in the easiest way possible.  

Q: What is a "story format"?

A: A story format is the generalized story, art, and design that make up the “scaffolding” for a child’s story. An author on our team writes a sample story that includes gaps and variables users will later customize. One of our artists then illustrates that general story. Finally, a graphic designer arranges the text and illustrations and adds spaces where your photos will appear. This basic text + ilustrations + design is a story format.

Q: Do I need to think of the story? Or where the photos go?

A: No. When you purchase a storieChild product, you gain access to the creativity of our team of artists, storytellers, and graphic designers. We build the basic story and handle all the design elements for you. All you need to do is answer the prompt questions on the storieBuilder and upload your photos.

Q: What if I’m not a parent but want to make a book for my godchild/niece/nephew/grandchild?

A: Perfect! storieChild celebrates the fact that a child’s network of love and care extends far beyond the nuclear family. The little ones in your life need to hear your words of support, too! If you’re a grandparent or older relative, consider Before I Was Grandma, a customizable book that helps you tell little ones the story of your own early years. For other friends and extended relatives, we recommend When Grandpa Thinks of Color, a book that teaches colors by attaching them to loved ones’ objects and memories.

Q: How do I know which book to pick for my child?

A: storieChild books are written with a specific age group in mind. Click here to visit our products page, then click the icon that fits your child’s age group. Of course, no one knows your child and their reading level like you do, so feel free to browse sample books from other age groups to find the perfect one. Still not sure? Click on individual product images to flip through sample books.

Q: Are you planning to release more books? And if so, what kind?

A: Yes! We are always in the process of developing more books that reflect the experiences of children 0-10 and their families.

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Q. What’s your return policy?

A: We want your child’s book to be perfect in every way. If your book is damaged or defective upon reciept, contact us at info@storiechild.com and we will remake it at no charge to you. To read more about our guarantee and returns policy, click here.

 Q: What payment options do you accept?

A: We accept payment through PayPal and Amazon. When you’re ready to go to checkout, click on your cart to see the option buttons and choose the one that’s easier for you.

Q: I’ve received my code; now what?

A: Login to our storieBuilder here and start creating your book! Follow the prompts to fill in questions and upload photos, then preview the finished product. When you’re satisfied, enter your code at checkout.

Q: How long will it take me to make a book?

A: Our test users reported that most of our books take 10-20 minutes to complete. But there’s no rush - you can always save your answers and continue later. 

Q: Can I make a book from my phone?

A: Yes, but we don't recommend it. Our storieBuilder is fully mobile responsive, but we think the experience feels better on a laptop or desktop.

 Q: When will I get my book?

A: Your book will be printed in 3-5 business days and then shipped using your shipping method of choice. 7-10 day shipping is available for free, or you can choose expedited shipping for an extra cost.

Q: What if I want to give a book as a gift?

A: Great idea. If you want to make the book yourself, create one in our system and simply enter your special someone’s address in the shipping information. If you want to give your recipient a chance to make a book themselves, you can purchase and send a gift card.

Q: Do you have gift cards?

A: Yes! Send a beautiful digital gift card electronically or download and print. Click here to see our gift card. Be the guest who brings the most original gift to the baby shower or birthday party!

Q: What’s the story behind storieChild?

A: In 2013, TWENTY of founder/CEO Elizabeth Edwards’ friends had babies. In between all the baby showers, she searched for a product that would celebrate these special little ones, capture their memories from day 1, and connect them to their loved ones. When she didn’t find her dream product, she decided to make it herself.

Since then, we've been busy: conducting in-depth market research with over 150 families, designing innovative products, developing our proprietary storieBuilder software, and building our worldwide virtual team. But we’re still here for the same reason: We’re crazy about kids. Click here to read more about why we do what we do.