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We help you tell stories that matter.

Curate your child’s experiences into meaningful, personalized photo-storybooks. Designed by experts, made by you. Our expert team crafts each book to spotlight your child’s identity, nurture their emotional growth, and cultivate their connection to family and community.

storieChild books include beautiful artwork, personal photos, and a unique narrative in a premium quality book just for your child.

We know your child will love storieChild books because our tough panel of mom and kid testers did. You’ll love them, too, because you’re the kind of parent who encourages your child’s social and emotional growth. Our design team includes expert storytellers, ethnographic researchers, and a PhD in Education, all using a therapist-created model.

Here's how it works.

Answer questions in our online storieBuilder, and watch your book transform. The process is interruption-proof and takes as little as 15 minutes.

1. We design the story. Our writers, illustrators, and graphic designers craft a basic story with lots of room for customization.

2. You build in real time. Our online storieBuilder guides you through a simple survey of questions and photo prompts.

3. Your book prints & ships. Our printer prints the book within 3-5 days and ships it to your door.

Why are you raising money through iFundWomen?

We’ve spent the last year refining our storieBuilder and building our commercial strategy. Now we’re ramping up on sales and need to make some improvements to our storieBuilder user experience. We’ve designed the improvements, but we need your help to make it happen.

We’re making changes that completely revamp our storieBuilder to give users a simpler, more intuitive way to access and complete their stories. Your purchase makes this possible, and you’ll be the first to help us test the upgrade!

What products & rewards do you have?

We’re excited to offer our current collection of books, plus a few special edition rewards we think you’ll love! We’ve got your child covered from age 0-10!

Snag the perfect birthday gift with a personalized onesie, or treat yourself with a limited edition storieChild mug (hey, parents, you deserve that coffee...). Or book a select slot with our team’s experts to get advice on your child’s learning style, your business idea, or your creative project.

Click below to check out each of our collections.

Baby books - the new way to make a baby book! Super easy, no fuss. We even have an adoption baby book!

Toddler books - products designed to help your little one learn. Teach them colors as well as family members’ names and faces in a fun board book.

Kids books - The book you make every year to take a “snapshot” of your child’s memories. Record this year’s likes, dislikes, character traits, and habits. Or choose a book that captures your child’s school year or soccer season!

Family books - Imaginative fun for the whole family! Enjoy silly “what ifs” in a book about your children’s future, or teach them family history in a book about their grandparents’ past.

Special Edition CrowdFunding-only Products

 These are only offered through the iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign. Check out our cute Baby Onesie or our Collectable storieChild mug!



A Note on Becoming a Stakeholder

When you participate in our iFundWomen campaign, you’re becoming a stakeholder in storieChild’s success.

We’re also raising money. If you believe in what we’re doing or know someone who might be interested in coming along on our next big adventure, don’t be a stranger! We’d love to hear from you at elizabeth@storieChild.com.