Capture All The Precious Memories Every Year Of Your Children's Lives

Time flies fast and kids grow so quickly that sometimes you wish you can press pause. With storieChild, you'll capture every precious thing that happens in your children's lives in a way that they'll remember forever.

Tell Stories That Make Your Child Feel Connected To Their Identity,
Their Memories and Their Loved Ones

We go way beyond just adding your child’s name to a book and calling it “personalization". Each book features your child's own story and NOT a generic "personalized" book. We do not feature characters your kids do not know and yet you hope they'll resonate with. Instead, we focus on your kids' own life stories, making storytelling more MEANINGFUL and more PERSONAL.

During the guided story creation process, you get to fill in the blank in the title and create a book for your 2- to 6-year-old that captures a “snapshot” of who they are TODAY—so you (and they!) can remember every precious thing. Note your child’s likes and dislikes, list their special talents, and laugh over their funniest quotes.

It's the perfect birthday gift for your children. Make one every year and watch how much they grow!

Your Children's Social And Emotional Health Matters

By giving your kids storieChild books, you won't only give them the gift of stories. You'll be giving them the gifts of connection and lasting memories.
Each book is focused on your children, with you as the author so they get to...


Celebrate your child’s unique gifts and abilities. Build awareness and confidence as they learn about themselves. Help them witness their growth over the years.


Read the book together now to help them process daily experiences. Read it together in the future to remember a beautiful snapshot of their childhood.


Highlight all the people who matter. Help your child feel an important part of their world. They’ll sense your pride in their growth and development.

We’re Here To Simplify Storytelling For You

You won’t have to worry about not having time to do this or about not being tech savvy. We've invented a new class of memory-keeping and storytelling by blending photo books and storybooks. It only takes 15-20 minutes to create one and you can simply upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Our storieBuilder system guides you through a simple survey of questions and photo prompts to personalize your book. Complete the survey and you’re all set! We’ll print the book within 3-5 days and ships it for free to your door. Sounds super easy, right?

The book you build is all heart and no headache.

Our Special Offer

We are all about personalized products, that is why we want to make our book-building process fit YOUR NEEDS and not ours! So whether you want to buy then create your book later or you want to create now then buy later, we got your back.

Buy now, it never expires! Start now, see it today.

And because we really want you to experience the magic of storieChild, we want to give you a 20% discount when you purchase today.
Let us help enhance your child’s emotional development, while creating moments that matter as you read to your child.

What People Say About storieChild

A Perfect Way To Remember

"If you're like me you aren't exactly "on top" of the baby book game. Making the "When I Was Three" book for my daughter helped relieve that guilt. And it also helped me remember all the cute and amazing things that her three year old self has done.

The book illustrations are timeless classics. They remind me so much of the original Winnie The Pooh illustrations. So much nostalgia.   The book quality and printing are top notch. I couldn't recommend more."

- Stephanie H. 

Such A Special Book

"When you have three kids, life just keeps going. And you have the next responsibility to go to and you forget a lot and you go back and you look at those pictures and you say - what was it that my child said during that? It's easy to forget those things. I think the special moments are when you can not just look back on a picture, but also a narrative around that picture."

- Josh

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