Give The Perfect Gift To Your 3-Year-Old

There are few ages that are more fun and mischievous than Three. SOME GRAND CLAIM...

Give the gift that never gets old!

With storieChild, you won't only give your children the gift of stories. You'll be giving them the gifts of connection and lasting memories. Each book is written to your child, so they’ll enjoy every minute you spend reading with them.

And here’s the best part...

We’re here to simplify storytelling for you. In fact, it only takes 15-20 minutes to create a storieChild book and you can simply upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, Google and more.

Our storieBuilder system guides you through a simple survey of questions and photo prompts to personalize your book. Complete the survey and you’re all set! We’ll print the book within 3-5 days and ship it for free to your door. Sounds super easy, right?

The book you build is all heart and no headache.

Why do kids and parents love storieChild?

Kids love StorieChild because it is fun and interesting to read. Who wouldn’t love to have their own book written, right?

With StorieChild, children get to build awareness and confidence as they learn about themselves; process their experiences and feel that they’re important parts of their worlds and that they are much loved.

StorieChild is the gift that doesn’t only excite and engage children while they’re young. It’s a gift that never gets old. It is a gift that they will treasure in their hearts until they’re old.

Parents love StorieChild, too. With StorieChild, you’ll get to say goodbye to all those nights when you would have to make up boring stories because you already ran out of fairytales and space adventures to tell your kids.

You can immortalize all their special milestones and take captivating snapshots of their childhood as they grow over the years. Most importantly, StorieChild helps bring parents and children closer together. You’ll make them feel loved and connected to you with every story you read together.

What People Say About storieChild

A Perfect Way To Remember

"If you're like me you aren't exactly "on top" of the baby book game. Making the "When I Was Three" book for my daughter helped relieve that guilt. And it also helped me remember all the cute and amazing things that her three year old self has done.

The book illustrations are timeless classics. They remind me so much of the original Winnie The Pooh illustrations. So much nostalgia. The book quality and printing are top notch. I couldn't recommend more."

- Stephanie H. 

Such A Special Book

"When you have three kids, life just keeps going. And you have the next responsibility to go to and you forget a lot and you go back and you look at those pictures and you say - what was it that my child said during that? It's easy to forget those things. I think the special moments are when you can not just look back on a picture, but also a narrative around that picture."

- Josh

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