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Learning Colors + Building Connections

Take your toddler on a colorful adventure to get to know their loved ones!

Your toddler’s steps may be slow, but their brain is racing to learn as much as they can. When We Think of Color teaches children age 1-2 about colors by exploring the memories of extended family. When your child hears about the black tires on Great-Grandpa’s tractor, or the red bicycle Aunt Katie rides to work, your child learns new information AND feels connected to the people who love them most.

It takes as little as 15 minutes to build a tool that helps your child explore the world around them and understand the people who love them.

It’s simple:
1. Choose “When We Think of Color” in our easy storieBuilder
2. Add your family stories and colorful pictures to our expert-designed story
3. Checkout.  We print the book and ship it right to your door (for free!)

Get started now!