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HappyFeet My Soccer Adventure

$ 24.99
HappyFeet My Soccer Adventure

HappyFeet My Soccer Adventure

$ 24.99

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You’ve already done the hard work of being a soccer-parent (hello, grass-stained uniforms). So we’ve made it incredibly easy to help you and your child relive their most rewarding soccer moments.

The HappyFeet My Soccer Adventure book includes your child’s photos, friends’ names, and favorite games. And the fun watercolor illustrations reinforce the drills your child learned this year!

The book magically preserves your child’s soccer experiences in a meaningful, personalized storybook, all in a way that enhances their emotional development.
How it Works
Answer 18 simple question prompts and upload 6 personal photos to personalize your book. You’ll be done in as little as 15-20 minutes! Simply…
  • Order My Soccer Adventure today
  • Customize a live preview of your book online
  • We ship your book directly to your door
Now make a new memory by reading with your soccer star!
Why a Storybook?
Young children learn through stories. When children see themselves in their own story, they see their individual achievements and relationships in a new way. Reading their unique story helps them build a healthy sense of self.

Our storybooks are created by our team of expert storytellers, ethnographic researchers, and a Ph.D. in education. We use a therapist-made model to craft each book to be healthy as well as fun.
More than Memories
We know you want to help your child develop emotionally and socially (after all, you drove them to all those soccer practices for a reason...).

That’s why we’ve created a book that helps your child grow in the most important ways.
  • My Soccer Adventure boosts your child’s self-esteem by showing them how much you celebrate their efforts and growth.
  • Seeing pictures and memories of their friends and coach helps your child feel plugged into their community.
  • Reading your child’s story with them is a special way to say, “You matter!” and “I’m so proud of you!”
Score a winning goal and help your child stay soccer-strong with the HappyFeet My Soccer Adventure book!
About the Artist
About the artist: Emanuela-Madalina Ardelean is the talented artist behind My Soccer Adventure, as well as our When We Think of Color and When You Were Born (a watercolor baby book). She is originally from Romania.